Identifying the roof problems

Cascade Roofing & Flooring Ltd will visit the site and inspect the roof problem which exists. We will then submit a specification and proposals to rectify the existing problem; this will be determined by the Client’s technical, financial, and any other criteria discussed with us.


The specification and proposals submitted by us will be selected from specialist roofing manufacturers for which we are ” Approved Contractors”. It is our policy to use the best quality products specified and approved by the manufacturers and Cascade Roofing & Flooring Ltd.


Cascade Roofing & Flooring Ltd offer guarantees for the work they carry out. These guarantees are combined with the manufacturer’s warranties and are determined by the specification and work carried out. (Insurance backed and written guarantees are issued where applicable).


The Company has the relevant insurances for our type of works.

Health & Safety


a) Our current staff and workforce have all had Health & Safety training on CITB approved courses and in-house training.

b) It is our policy to ensure that all safety aspects of the contract, including the initial inspection are recognised and Risk Identification, Assessment and Controls are carried out to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of our staff and client personnel.